Jul 29, 2009

System Admin Appreciation Day

We often take our system administrators for granted until the day our computers cannot connect to the network and we can't get on the Internet to check our emails. No kidding! And I should know...I'm married to one!

The last Friday of July has been designated as System Administrator Appreciation Day and we bloggers who have joined Bloggers Unite want to encourage everyone to participate and show your appreciation for the system admins that keep us connected (wired and wirelessly - if you want to be specific!) as well as for the other IT people that work with the admins.

Being a system administrator is not all that easy, trust me. System Admins have to monitor all the scripts that keep programs running, trouble shoot, and often have to work odd long hours to fix things when the system just doesn't want to work the way it should. And when you get technology-challenged people calling in for assistance and the IT Help Desk can't resolve the issue, then the matter moves up to the next level for assistance. It can get crazy, but it is hard work trying to find the "root" of the issue especially when the computer user is unable to explain or point out specifically where and how the problem started. So the IT person (and system admin) ends up having to do a lot of investigative work on the system and that often takes hours!

Computer Techs
On the other side of the picture, being married to a system administrator reminds me of my life as a military spouse (he was in the service when we first met and got married). When duty calls, your spouse is going to be "unavailable" to you for awhile. There was even a time when we were on vacation (on a road trip in fact!) and we had to pull over at the parking lot of a business three hundred miles away from home because of an emergency at work. He had to log on to his work laptop and connect wirelessly to the office and do his stuff. Luckily things like that don't happen too often. And luckily, there's plenty of ice cream available at the convenience stores (LOL!).

But you know, in spite of such a crazy life, I'm proud of my "system admin" because I know he keeps things running smoothly at his workplace and he keeps our home network running great so I can blog all I want or check out my favorite rock stars's pages (hello, Sebastian Bach!). Thank you, system admins around the world for helping keep us all cyber-connected!


Dave Q. said...

I wish my wife was as understanding. :)

Happy SysAdminDay!

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, it is not easy to be a computer system admin, he needs a lot of knowledge and pratical experiences to handle old and new problems.
Eith their help, we can surf smoothly.
Nice post, best wishes to you, liggybee.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

YES! So true. I used to work in IT and no one appreciated us until something was broken... :)

Quality Tale said...

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Liggy said...

Quality Tale, I would blog very few times considering the number of sketches I've been making lately. The last sketch I did was the Guardian Angel sketch which I posted an entry about on:

I have been leaning towards a lot of digital graphics lately and am considering resuming band graphics again sometime.

chandra said...

Happy to know of the system admins day! I thing a system admin is tired man and worker with out holidays.anyways i being system admin will start celebrating from now on!

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