Jul 13, 2009

Still having comment problems

I thought I had my commenting problems fixed because I still get sporadic comments. But I heard from a few of my readers that there are still issues getting comments to post.

If you have had the problem here I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm not a computer whiz so I'm probably gonna have to wait till the week-end to work on the issue. I think it started after I tried (and decided to remove) the JS-kit (like commentluv). It must still be embedded in my template somewhere.

So sorry if you can't can try, but it might not get posted. In the meantime, I hope you can just enjoy some of these posts. Or visit my humor blog:


I'm not having problems there so stop by and visit if you haven't already.


Ladybug said...

Will this comment go through?

Liggy said...

Well looks like it did, are you?

TC said...

Hey..think it is fixed. I can leave a comment now. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving comments. Glad to share the information about wellness with others.