Mar 23, 2009

New Moon - new movie poster

New Moon Movie Poster

That's not an official movie poster. I've seen so many fan made movie posters with most of them having the same color scheme, imagery, and many not even showing an actual "new moon" in them. In fact, a lot of the ones I've seen show a "full moon" instead of a new moon. What's up with that?!

Anyway, I just thought I'd create one of my own using a color scheme I haven't seen in any of the fan made posters or desktop wall paper. I don't even have a moon in it, but I thought I'd just experiment and post this. It seems my Twilight posts have gotten the most hits of all the topics I've ever blogged about so I thought it would be just fitting to entertain my readers with something I've created of that topic. I am working on a few bookmarks of the characters which I'll post when I get done.

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