Sep 2, 2009

Bloggers Unite for Literacy

If you are reading my blog right now, you are lucky that you learned to read. And I'm glad you could share my passion for arts and music online through this blog. But did you realize that one in five adults in the world today does not know how to read? They may have learning challenges that were not dealt with. They may not have wanted to learn how to read. Or, they simply live in places where literacy is restricted to only certain genders or privileged few. That's sad.

Those who cannot read are missing out on the many wonderful benefits that reading brings. Reading can provide hours of entertainment that does not require electricity to do (except of course if you're wanting to read at night and don't have a lamp or candle). It is also a great way to obtain information that is valuable for making decisions about practically anything. It boosts a person's confidence. It also helps us learn more about others in the world around us, thereby bridging the communication gaps between cultures. There are countless other benefits.

On September 8, 2009, Bloggers Unite participants like me, want to raise awareness for Literacy efforts being sponsored by UNESCO. UNESCO proclaimed this day (Sept. 8th) as Literacy Day on November 17, 1965 and started celebrating it the following year. Writers get out and promote the value of literature (not just their own works). Librarians and educators dedicate more time on this day to promote literacy awareness in the schools and public libraries. Even musicians donate music and time to raise awareness of this issue, too. There's still so much more we need to do together to help more people become literate. Help others around us learn. Read to a child. Show them that books can be enjoyed just as much as their favorite video game.

Together we can do it!!!


BK said...

Yes, I am indeed fortunate to be able to read. Else I would be staring at this page and looking at the picture without a hint of what all that writings are about. Literacy has many benefits and one of which I think is the most important is it allows us to further learning.

kiwimeg said...

Great post spreading the word about International Literacy Day!

Liggybee said...'re right about that. I'm glad you're also letting others know how valuable literacy is and not to give up despite the challenges required to become literate.

@kiwimeg...thanks! The badge on your blogpost is also wonderful. That's a great way to help promote literacy in Africa. Readers visit: Kiwimeg's post