Jul 9, 2014

Can't wait for the Mockingjay!

I just saw that Lionsgate released an exciting 2nd teaser trailer for the 3rd Hunger Games movie installment - Mockingjay (part 1). I am looking forward to see how Mockingjay will be played out. The book was full of vivid details and dramatic turn of events that I am anxious to know if the actors that had been cast can successfully portray the intense emotions that their characters will be expected to display.  Then again, seeing how well they did in Catching Fire (especially Jena Malone as Johanna Mason), I am pretty sure they will rock their parts!! 

There are so many exciting fan-made movie posters I've been finding that are making the wait for the Nov. 21, 2014 movie release feel like such a painfully long wait. Check them out!!!

Aren't they just awesome?!!!
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