Jul 13, 2010

Where has Liggy gone?

(This is a screenshot of Chapter Two jobs in the South Africa Challenge)

Oops, I've been slacking on the entertainment front again...blame it on Mafia Wars!  LOL!  I finally made it past level 500 and have managed to complete a few limited time challenge missions over the past few months.   With these challenges you get some really cool and rare loot items with high value attack and defense points attached.  Besides that, it's kinda hard to stop when you've gotten so far into the game.  It's a plus that I've got a great group of Mafia game buddies backing me up, supporting each other all the way.  They're not letting me down so I don't wanna let them down.

I'm currently working on the South Africa Challenge as well as the Whack the Rat Jimmy Vegas job.  I've completed my other available regular game jobs (New York, Cuba, Moscow) but I haven't completed Bangkok.  Most of the jobs in Bangkok require so much Bangkok Baht (money) to purchase required equipment or vehicles for specific jobs and I keep running out.  So I figured I'd use up my available energy on some of these limited time events and work on Bangkok later.  Hehehe!

Other than my Mafia Wars addiction, my other thoughts this Tuesday are about how happy I am to read about love...people falling in love and getting married (as opposed to people falling out of love and getting divorced -  uggh!  No more Jon and Kate stories, puhhhlllleeezzz!).  One news I liked reading about recently is Megan Fox and Brian Green tying the knot in Hawaii.  Those two look just beautiful together, I think!  She may not be the most talented actress in Hollywood, but I truly believe there's more to Megan Fox than she lets the world see.  I hope those two stay together for a very long forever! there are my two thoughts this week!  Have you got any thoughts to share?  Then hurry up and join BlogDumps and share them with us...

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