Jun 8, 2018

Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp

Tomorrow (June 9) is Johnny Depp's birthday...he's turning 55. I know there are rumors circulating about his health because of a recent photo taken of him looking not quite like the Johnny we've known.Well, I've seen that photo and I didn't think it was unusual for someone who was a little worn out from a show to look like that. Anyway, US Magazine reports that he's healthy and that there are no health concerns. 

Just check out this recent photo shoot (click here - Johnny Depp Photoshoot).  He definitely hasn't lost it. If you've followed Johnny's history, you'll know that he dons certain looks for very specific reasons, including to fit certain movie roles. Maybe he has a movie in the works after this tour?

In any case, let's just wish him a Happy 55th Birthday!!!  We all love you, Johnny Depp!!!
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